Battery Update: The Time Has Come!

LG Chem, Li-Ion, Solar Battery Backup

We're excited to announce that we now have an awesome battery back-up option for your existing or future solar system. This new battery is a 10 kW Li-Ion battery made by LG Chem and will tie into your solar system allowing it to run whether the grid is available or not and net meter any additional consumption when the battery is fully charged. LG Chem is the manufacturer of batteries for all electric cars, except Toyota, and has brought that technology to the solar industry. We are excited to say that we are one of the first solar companies in the nation to have access to this technology and are even more excited to provide it to customers like you.

As for the cost, a traditional Li chemistry battery has been roughly $18-$20,000 just for the battery and roughly an additional $5-$10,000 for the rest of the components. The new Li-Ion LG Chem battery fully installed, with all components necessary, your system will cost approximately 50% less than previous technology available. If this is of interest to you, or if would like to discuss it further, give us a call or submit your information in our Contact section above.