Idaho Public Utility Commission Public Hearing

As most of you know, Idaho Power has proposed new rate schedules to the Idaho Public Utility Commission for the onsite-generation (net-metering) customers. The Idaho PUC will be holding a public hearing this Thursday, March 1, 2018, AT 7:00 P.M., in the Commission's Hearing Room, at 472 W. Washington, Boise, ID. During this hearing, testimony will be taken from customers, public officials, and other interested parties.

Solar system owners, installers, and the local industry as a whole will be affected by the outcome of this hearing. As this will be the most powerful platform and opportunity to voice your opinion, your attendance is paramount!

If you cannot make an appearance, comments can posted here, Case number to reference: IPC-E-17-13

The Idaho PUC's latest press release can be viewed here,…/staff/20180207PRESS%20RELEASE.PDF.

We hope to see you there!