Net Metering Changes

Many of you have received a letter from Idaho Power indicating that change is on the horizon for net metering customers. They anticipate the number of net metering customers to increase drastically over the next few years and in response they are proposing to the Public Utility Commission to create a new rate schedule. The filing proposes that net metering customers should be put in a separate class in order to “study this segment of customers, providing the data necessary to understand how this customer segment utilizes the Company’s system.” Creating a separate rate class is not necessary for collecting data, yet it has immediate negative impacts on businesses represented by ICEA. We will ask that the PUC not approve these discriminatory changes, which the utility is proposing before having an analysis
of the costs and benefits of the solar energy that customers put back on the grid.
We feel that their proposal of creating a separate rate schedule now will open up the opportunity for unbridled adjustments in the future as they see fit as it wouldn’t be regulated by the residential schedules. The solar industry is relying on the Idaho Clean Energy Association (ICEA) to ensure that the voice of solar users and installers is heard by the Public Utility Commission (PUC) while making this decision.
Idaho Power has requested an expedited processing of this request so we have very little time to take action!
How can you help?
1- We are asking that each of you take the time to tell the PUC how this request has created a looming uncertainty in what is to come, and that this gives Idaho Power too much leeway to increase consumer pricing before the actual cost to Idaho Power has been proven. The case number is IPC-E-17-13 and can be viewed here.
2- Please consider becoming a member of the ICEA. This will not only bolster our numbers, further validating our opinion with the PUC, but also keep you aware of how this unfolds, and any other potential issues in the future.
3- In order to get in front of the PUC on this matter, the ICEA will be retaining a legal advisor. As the ICEA is a non profit organization, any donation that you can make towards this cause would be critical to help ensure our success. Donations can also be sent to; ICEA, 1775 w state st., PMB125 Boise, ID 83702
Please email for more information on this matter.
Feel free to pass this message along to friends and family.