About Us


EvenGreen Technology Inc. is a wholesale, retail, and consulting company committed to providing advanced renewable energy & efficiency systems, products and education to our customers. Our solutions/products will reduce energy consumption, significantly decrease local and national carbon footprint, and save home/business owner’s money. Our intent is to make an impact in our community, and preserve our planet for our children and future generations.


In addition to our energy saving solutions and products, we provide professional customer service to educate, monitor and follow-up on product efficiency and energy conservation practices. Every industry has specific needs, which we pride ourselves in facilitating and guiding each and every industry in the direction which is going to be most beneficial to their bottom line.

EvenGreen Technology understands that there is no single solution to energy efficiency, rather a holistic approach combining and tailoring the more relevant elements of electrical reduction and behavioral modification to each customer’s situation. We all have the ability and responsibility to set the example for our children, our businesses and our communities to be environmentally responsible. And the reality is we can have a large impact on what we consume, and how much we waste, with small and simple changes.