Our consultants are trained in all aspects of the green and performance industry. EvenGreen’s sole purpose is to correctly analyze a customer’s particular situation and provide them with viable, cost effective solutions. Our holistic approach to energy efficiency is provided to customers through cutting edge technology, consumer education, and affordable products.

EvenGreen Technology understands that each facility is very unique in terms of energy consumption, efficiency levels, and loss in the form of electrical waste. Understanding these variables is vitally important in determining the most financially beneficial savings opportunities.

Why Consult with EGT?

In the ever-changing environment of energy efficiency it is imperative that business owners have the most current and reliable information available to them when pertaining to potential efficiency upgrades. As an energy service company our primary focus is to ensure our clients are provided with all viable avenues of energy reduction and are not restricted to certain vendors, technologies, or product lines. 

EGT is a forward thinking company in the solutions we offer to our clients, focusing solely on what is best for a particular client and his/her facility. Keeping a keen focus on producing the quickest return on investment ensures the utmost integrity and allows for a more custom solution for each individual customer to best meet their needs in a real world environment.