Electrical Analysis

One of the most overlooked and least understood aspects in any business are their utilities. The vast majority of business owners have very little time to truly understand and process how they are being billed for utility expenses. Having this knowledge at their fingertips allows business owners to easily identify areas of operations that will have the greatest impact in terms of energy efficiency upgrades. The first step in the utility bill analysis is to analyze the facilities historical utility bills. Upon doing so EvenGreen has developed different analysis techniques tailored to match different assessment needs and accommodate various utility rate schedules. The results of these techniques include both summary data and graphic depiction of key data points. More specifically, our utility bill analysis can be broken down into four types.

Utility Bill Analysis

This involves taking 24 months electric and gas utility data and performing a detailed analysis that an owner or manager of any commercial facility can easily understand. This analysis generates several graphs to assist in the interpretation of the data.

Building Analysis

This analysis combines electric and gas utility data with specific survey data to create an analysis of the consumption of specific areas within your facility. This allows the business owner or manager to better pinpoint where their utility expenses are being generated. This building analysis can generally create savings simply through awareness and behavioral modification learned through the process.

Comprehensive Analysis

The comprehensive analysis allows us to show the savings associated with the individual expenses within a facility. This analysis establishes a “before” (baseline) and “after” view of energy conservation retrofit opportunities. This better enables the owner or manager to easily determine which of the cost savings measures they would most benefit from implementing within their given facility.

Ongoing Verification

Following energy efficiency upgrades, EvenGreen will continue to track and verify your actual retrofit savings. Customers receive a detailed 6 and 12 month summary including graphical data directly comparing prior “baseline” usage against post retrofit savings.