One of our customers ran into the showroom announcing, "I've flat-lined!!" She is very excited to use these credits this winter.
Another holistic energy solution!
Solar is taking over this neighborhood!
Solar Thermal and PV
Solar Solutions
Solar Panels, Solar Attic Fan, and Solar Thermal on one roof!
30 Panel powerhouse!
Solar looks great on a slate roof!
See how great solar can look!
Big house, small power bill!
Emmett, ID install at the bottom on "Freeze out hill"
Gave the goats some permanent shade!
Rooftop Array
Beautiful Friday for installing another rooftop solar array!
Pole mounts and more!
14 Panels installed on a beautiful day!
We always find the best way to maximize space on your roof
By combining the use of solar panels and solar light tubes we Capture and Save energy!
PV and Thermal Solar
This home is now using thermal solar to heat the water for the solar spa, hot tub, and potable water and PV panels for electricity.
30 LG panel system installed in Kuna!
30 panel system installed in Murphy, ID!
16 panel PV system