Energy Optimization

The Energy Optimization System (EOS) is a five-part solution for maximizing the electrical current delivered through the grid, adding renewable energy sources into the mix, arresting surges to keep usable energy in the system and changing behavior based on data received through advanced monitoring capabilities.

How It Works:

The EOS reduces kW and kWh consumption using multiple forms of resonance-free and no-load electrical conditioning. The five key methods are as follows:

Phase Balancing (Via Magnetics)

using voltage and current to reduce waste, demand, friction and heat in loads;

Power Factor Correction

reduces the demand of non-productive power currents without creating a load and using resonance free devices;

Harmonic Filtration

reduces the distortion caused by non-linear loads, such as electronics, VFD’s, etc. from taking up electrical system capacity;

Transient Energy Conversion

absorbing energy above and below the operational voltage of a facility, re-constituting it, and returning it to the customer as usable power;

Magnetic Chokes

reducing magnetic field by generating a current from each phase and injecting it into the adjacent phases as usable power.

Our technology uses metal oxide varistors (MOV) along with other forms of surge and spike protection.  It has been found that the unique arrangement of chokes provides substantial reductions in power usage, especially for inductive loads in an industrial application. The immediate benefit is a verifiable reduction of electric utility bills. Additionally, equipment life is increased while maintenance and downtime are reduced.
These units are compatible with any control system, VFD’s, and are not custom-built per load(s). However, they will be strategically placed throughout a facility according to operational demands. They will help protect against damage from surges, sags and phasing, and are maintenance-free with an expected life of approximately 15 to 20 years.


These systems carry a 5 year manufacturer’s performance warranty which covers all defects in materials and workmanship, covers product necessary to repair or replace defective systems, and free replacement if the system(s) sacrifices itself to prevent damage to your electrical system via a large power surge.