NOT all LEDs are Created Equal

Like most products, there is a wide range of quality among LEDs, and EvenGreen Technology utilizes only the highest quality LED products available.  Our product lines are sourced from the top manufacturers in each lighting category.  We feel it is critical for our customers to achieve maximum results in terms of energy savings and product life spans.  As such, the components within each of our products, from the diode to the driver to the heat sinks perform to the highest industry standards.

Energy Savings

LEDs use up to 75% less energy than fluorescent and HID lighting (metal halide and high-pressure sodium) technologies and up to 90% less energy than equivalent incandescent lamps.  Why such an improvement with LED technology?  

Energy is converted to light with very little waste heat in comparison to older lighting methods. Thus, this energy improvement not only saves money by reducing lighting costs, but also reduces waste heat that burdens buildings cooling systems


Another significant attribute of LEDs is the long life span. Compared to incandescent lights, with an approximate 1000 hour life, and 10,000 hours for fluorescent (under ideal conditions), LEDs, depending on the type and application, can last up to 80,000 hours! This extreme difference in life span is another way that LEDs save money. Maintenance costs are greatly reduced by this fact and the environmental benefits of less waste going into landfills are equally important.

LED Benefits:

  • LEDs do not contain any toxic mercury or lead.
  • LEDs emit no radiation or damaging ultra violet rays 
  • Advanced LED lights are 100% recyclable. 
  • LED lights are extremely durable and will not shatter or explode if dropped. 
  • LEDs produce minimal waste heat
  • LEDs use up to 90% less energy
  • LED Lights last years longer than older lighting technologies

Did you Know?

If just 25% of fluorescent lighting fixtures in the U.S. were converted to EvenGreen Advanced LED lights, we could:

  • Prevent the release of green house gases equal to 10 million cars
  • Save 15 Billion in electricity costs annually
  • Decommission 133 coal burning power plants
  • Reduce carbon emissions by 158 metric tons and avoid releasing 5,700 pounds of airborne mercury.