Solar Lighting

Solar powered lighting systems can be a very cost effective way to light a variety of outdoor spaces. Whether to enhance security, improve commerce, or create visibility, solar powered lighting is an economic and environmentally conscious alternative for your parking lot, roadway, campus, billboard, sign, pavilion, retail or corporate complex. Solar outdoor lighting requires no power source and are virtually maintenance free, which makes them ideal for hard to reach places. Today's advanced technology allows solar lighting to last 1,000s of hours and beyond.

In simple terms, the solar cells collect sunlight during the day and store the power in the battery system, which then discharges the energy at night to run the LEDs. Most solar lights are equipped with a built-in photo cell for dusk to dawn operation. The LED lamps are so efficient that they have a very long life expectancy. The advent of new technology in solar lighting components (cells, batteries, and LED lamps), the quality of light output and discharge time is now sufficient for many applications. Depending on the position and location of the solar light, it is not uncommon to have output capacity for up to 10-12 hours at night with light projection up to 20 ft in distance!