Solar Water Heating

Solar Thermal Basics

The concept is simple, unlike solar electric, solar thermal systems harness the suns energy directly as heat and use it to augment a household's domestic hot water, space heating, pool heating and/or radiant floor heating. Solar Thermal is by far the most efficient way to harness the energy of the sun and can provide up to 80% of a households hot water needs. Evacuated tube solar collectors have proven reliability and have set the bar for the solar thermal industry and can meet the needs of any home in any climate. With the use of OG-100 SRCC rated collectors, these systems qualify for  a variety of rebates and incentives with federal, state and local utilities. these systems should not be seen as an alternative heating source but rather a supplement to your existing system, however a properly sized system should produce nearly 100% of your daily hot water needs on a sunny summer day.

Will Solar Collectors still provide heat on a cloudy day

Solar collectors operate on UV radiation and not direct sunlight, they will still operate on a cloudy day. Although performance is greatly increased in direct sunlight, significant efficiency can be achieved in mildly overcast conditions. 

Common Applications

  • Domestic Hot Water Heating
  • Space Heating 
  • Forced Air Heating 
  • Radiant Floor Heating
  • Swimming pools and hot tubs
  • Industrial hot water applications
  • Industrial wash down facilities
  • Commercial Applications like Hotels, Restaurants, and any business that wants to offset hot water use and supply
  • And more… These systems are completely customizable for any need or use

Energy Savings

Solar Water Heating systems are custom designed in most applications to efficiently enhance a customer's current means of water heating whether gas, electric, or propane. As a general rule of thumb solar water heating is 40-50% more efficient than gas heating, 50-60% more efficient than electric heating, and 70-80% more efficient than propane fueled heating. Due to the unique 360* solar collection method and the relatively low prices for an fully engineered and installed system, customers are genuinely very positive about the return on investments associated with the purchase of a system. EvenGreen prides itself on our low price guarantee in order to ensure our customers the absolute highest ROI.


Solar water heating much like PV solar panels carry a life expectancy of roughly 25 years. There is little to no maintenance required for upkeep aside from periodic washing or cleaning of the tubes to ensure maximum UV absorption. EvenGreen’s Solar Water Heating systems come with a 5 year free tube replacement warranty for damage and/or defects.  Contact your authorized EvenGreen representative today to schedule your free consultation and to learn more about how you can start saving instantly.